An Eye for an Eye makes the Whole World Blind

There’s a reason why decades and even centuries of conflict never get resolved, and only tend to get more complicated and warped up with time. This happens precisely because both of the warring sides want an eye for an eye, and the very prospect of peace becomes out of question. But when you look at the situation objectively, you will surely realize that this process of settling scores is never, ever going to end. It will just go on and on in a cyclical manner, creating havoc and devastation all around itself.

Is Peace out of reach?

I am not going to be presumptuous by making any kind of Utopian statement that peace is always within reach. The truth is that various warring factions of society and state tend to get complicated with time. So it is very difficult for anybody to pin-point fingers or identify a particular issue that needs sorted. Years of pent-up frustration, anger and even manufactured dissent in people’s minds can make the situation worse. So the only solution to any messy, complicated global conflict is with people on both warring sides realizing the fact that with the kind of time, energy and other resources they are spending on hating each other, they can do so much more by spending the same on themselves. To err is human, but to understand that hatred is only self-destructive, can pave the path towards leading a more peaceful and humanitarian life.