Feel The Touch Of Love Right Now And Right Here!

Welcome to the Touch of Love. This blog is nothing but my personal attempt to spread the healing power of love, far and wide. The materialistic world takes a toll on our lives and we often find ourselves drained out and exhausted. God’s blessings and design are always within our reach but we fail to embrace the same effectively. And this is precisely where I come in. While I might not be very old, experienced or religious in a ceremonial manner, I definitely have a lot of creative, spiritualistic and healing experiences which I can draw from. So all you folks, welcome to my blog, where I shall try my level best to feel the touch of love right now and right there!

Volunteering helps

When life starts getting monotonous and you tend to feel frustrated with yourself and your surroundings, volunteering for a noble cause really helps in getting you recharged. And I don’t want to emphasize on doing something big or heavenly, I simply imply that even the smallest level of volunteering for a cause that you believe in, can really play a big role in keeping you occupied and motivated. In this regard, I would like to share my experience of learning sign language so that I can teach the students at the Deaf and Dumb Class of my local community center. Of course given my busy schedule, I get to meet them only weekly, but the mere thought of that one class illuminates my being and helps me remain inspired and motivated for the rest of the week.

Learn Why You Should Volunteer

Trust the Almighty

Sometimes the biggest mistake we make is when we question the course of life, what some of us would like to call fate. On the other hand, I would like to call it the will of the Almighty. Despite the fact that we have our free will to exercise and human might can even move mountains, we still do not have any control over the circle of life. So it is certainly not advisable to get redundant, yet one needs to realize the will of the almighty and accept it with all of gratitude. More than free will, it is faith that can move mountains, and therefore trusting the Almighty can prove to be the biggest healing factor in your life!